Gregory Peanut Seeds

Gregory Peanut Seeds

Extra-large and Fancy Pods!

(L) 1 lb
Item # 05250-PK-L
(M) 1/4 lb
Item # 05250-PK-M
(N) 1/2 lb
Item # 05250-PK-N
(P) Pkt of 50 seeds
Item # 05250-PK-P1
(R) 2 lbs
Item # 05250-PK-R

148 days from direct-sowing.

Say hello to Gregory, an extra-large, highly productive Virginia-type peanut just right for home gardens! This delicious gourmet variety has an adaptable habit and big yields of the best pink-skinned peanuts you will ever eat!

Gregory comes to us from the North Carolina Agriculture Research Station, filling the need for extra-large kernels (what the growers call "ELKS!") and generous yields. The habit of this plant is interesting: it is an intermediate type, between the "bunch" and the "runner" sizes. This means that it will be both nicely branched and vining, giving you more pods while maintaining a reasonable size for today's smaller gardens.

Gregory is moderately resistant to spotted wilt virus (a big issue among peanut plants), but its heavy yields and larger pods mean that the soil can benefit from a boost of calcium for best production. There are several ways you can add a bit of calcium to the soil: crushed eggshells do the job, as does ground limestone or dolomite. The quickest and simplest way might be good old tomato fertilizer, which is naturally high in calcium.

Sow the seeds 6 inches apart in deep, light, well-drained soil. Thin the young plants to 12 inches apart. When ready to harvest, dig up the entire plant and let it air-dry before picking off the pods. Pkt is 2 oz, approximately 50 seeds.