Ribbed Metal Watering Can

Ribbed Metal Watering Can

Shaped Like a Beehive!

Item # 39268

Reminiscent of a beehive, this watering can is an interesting décor piece, and a functional gardening tool! The brushed copper coloring is just magnificent, and the textured exterior catches the sunlight, allowing it to bounce off and brighten your back deck or shaded patio.

This watering can holds a lot of water, so you will have plenty for your container plants. It's also durable, so don't worry about it melting or cracking in the sun like other plastic watering cans will do. It's so functional, that it makes the perfect gift for anyone with plants, not necessarily a seasoned gardener! Even a person with just a few plants will enjoy this watering can, and use it daily! What better gift to give than one that is truly useful, not to mention it's so pretty!

If it is going to be used as a gift, you might want to make a festive gift basket out of it! Put other gardening tools, seed packets, pretty blooms and add some tissue paper, so you don't have to buy a gift bag that will be wasted! The design is so attractive, you won't want to give it away when you see it.

Dimensions: 10.75 inches high, 13.5 inches long, and 7 inches wide.