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Weed Beater Complete
Great performance, even on cool-season lawns!

Weed Beater Complete

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A 10 pound bag containing 99.7 percent inert carrier and 0.3 percent potent weed-fighting chemicals.

Reclaim your yard!
This synergistic combination of Prodiamine and Sulfentrazone was specially-formulated to eliminate all grass-like and broadleaf weeds while leaving turfgrass, trees, and garden plants completely intact. Apply the small amber granules with a lawn spreader and watch unwanted plants wilt and die! Weed Beater Complete will not harm healthy, well-established turfgrass, but could be harmful to unestablished or environmentally stressed grasses.

An exceptionally versatile weed-suppressant, this product works equally well on both cool and warm season grasses, and it provides both pre-emergent and post-emergent control of all grassy/broadleaf weeds. The precisely-formulated chemicals attack the target plants systematically, working from the leaves down and the roots up to inhibit cell division and disrupt photosynthesis, shutting these weeds down and allowing your beneficial plants to reclaim your yard.

This highly effective formula combats practically every broadleaf weed there is, including: bittercress, black medic, buttercups, carpetweed, Carolina geranium, chickweed, clover, cinquefoil, crabgrass, crowfootgrass, cudweed, dandelion, curly dock, evening primrose, fiddleneck, filaree, foxtail, goldenrod, goosegrass, ground ivy, hairy bittercress, henbit, itchgrass, prostrate knotweed, kochia, lambsquarters, lawn buweed, lespedeza, lovegras, yellow nutsedge, panicum (Texas and Fall), parsley piert, redroot and tumble pigweed, pineapple weed, buckhorn plantain, puncture weed, purslane, Florida pusley, red sorrel, redweed, London rocket, sedge, shephardspurse, broadleaf signalgrass, speedwell, spangletop, spurge, star of Bethlehem, velvetleaf, wild onion, wild violet, witchgrass, and woodsorrel (yellow and creeping).

Apply about 5 pounds per 1,000 square feet of coverage?less for cool-season grasses like creeping bentgrass or fine fescue, and more for warm season grass, particularly bermudagrass.

Warning: this product is harmful if inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed through skin. Avoid breathing the dust or contacting with your skin, and wash thoroughly with soap and water after use. If inhaled, swallowed, or absorbed, call a doctor or poison control center. This product may also be harmful to local marine invertebrates?prevent runoff into ditches and storm drains by applying this only during calm weather when rain is not predicted for at least 24 hours. Cannot Ship to NY, CA, SD, or AK. 10 Pound bag.

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