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Wheatgrass Seeds
Start Each Day with a Wheatgrass Shot!

Wheatgrass Seeds

(N) 1/2 lb
Item # 51092-PK-N
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Premium Hard Red Wheat!

Perfect for use in our Wheatgrass Grower Shelves
7 days. Grow your own wheatgrass for shots, juices, and general nutrition! These seeds are top-quality hard red wheatgrass, easy to germinate and quick to grow into tall, spring-green, healthy blades of grass. Sprout them on the kitchen counter or in our handy Wheatgrass Grower Shelves, and enjoy the goodness of fresh wheatgrass in just a week!

The benefits of wheatgrass are well known, from purifying the blood to offering concentrated nutrition from just a small amount. And these seeds will bear thick, uniform shoots. All you need is a tray and a bit of water, and within days you'll see the new green blades shooting up! The harvest is ready in less than 2 weeks -- sometimes less than 1 week! -- and is so good for you.

There are two ways to grow these seeds: without any soil on a tray or shelf, or in any good potting mix. If you choose the "no soil" method, just soak the seeds in water overnight. Then spread them in a single layer on a clean, waterproof tray or dish. Next, cover them with wet paper. The seeds need darkness to germinate, so covering with paper is essential. Once they have sprouted, remove the paper.

To grow in potting mix, simply cover the seeds with ¼-inch of soil and keep moist. Again, because darkness is needed for germination, be sure to cover the seeds. That's all there is to it!

You get ½ pound of seeds in this packet, so you can sow new crops every week or so for a continuous supply of unbeatable nutrition!

Genus Triticum
Species aestivum
ItemForm (N) 1/2 lb
DaysToMaturity 10
AdditionalCharacteristics Edible, Easy Care Plants, Indoor Growing
FoliageColor Medium Green
Uses Containers, Cuisine
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