White Ball Hybrid Turnip Seed Tape

White Ball Hybrid Turnip Seed Tape

A Sturdy Turnip with Great Holding Power!

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You'll never worry about rushing to harvest this smooth, tasty, firm turnip. White Ball Hybrid holds well in the ground, resisting cracking no matter what the weather does. You will love it as baby turnips, as mature bulbs, and as greens. And now that it's available in easy-sow, always-successful seed tapes, you'll enjoy a bigger harvest than ever!

White Ball Hybrid is a smooth, apple-shaped turnip of pure white with large, tender greens. When picked young, it is delicious for raw eating, offering a mild bite. It grows spicier as it matures, and makes excellent eating when harvested at full maturity. And the greens are delectable anytime; cut what you need and wait for new leaves to spring up to replace them!

This turnip is suitable for spring, fall, and even winter crops in mild areas. It overwinters beautifully, and is perfect for New Year's Day "beans 'n greens" in warm climates. The flavor is spectacular, the growth quick and vigorous, and the plate appeal simply unbeatable!

Growing White Ball Hybrid in seed tape is a breeze. You get 15 feet of biodegradable paper strips, in which the turnip seeds are embedded -- evenly spaced and ready to take off! Simply cut the tape to the length you need, then lay it down on top of smooth soil. Sprinkle a little more soil over it to cover, and water it in. You're done -- in seconds! And you have straight rows or pretty designs.

Seed tape is much more than just a way to speed up the sowing process and make neat patterns, though. It's valuable for holding the seeds in place during rainstorms, and for protecting them from nibbling birds and critters. As the seedlings sprout, the tape dissolves into the soil. It's a great way to maximize your crop without double- or triple-sowing!

In this package you get 15 feet of seed tape.