Part Trowel, Part Dibbler, It Goes Narrow and Deep!

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Engrave your initials onto this wonderful tool, because it is going to be borrowed frequently by all your gardening friends and neighbors! The Widger is a hybrid of a trowel and a dibbler, and we find that it comes in handy for a wide variety of tasks. Need to dig a narrow, deep hole for planting small bulbs? Done. What about extracting a seedling from a crowded planter without destroying half the stems and all the roots? Let the Widger do the job. Want to furrow a straight line for direct-sowing seed? The Widger does it in no time flat.

Measuring 13 inches long but just one inch wide, this tool acts as both a digger and an awl. It's absolutely tops for working in flowerpots and tubs, where space is so tight and it's easy to damage neighboring plants when weeding, pruning, or planting. We like scooping under weeds and removing them from the very root, even when that root goes straight down a foot into the soil (as weeds always seem to do). And it's ideal for making quick planting holes, of course.

So where does the Widger come from? Well, this one originated with Burgon & Ball, a British garden tool firm renowned for its use of quality materials and fine craftsmanship. The Widger has demonstrated such good performance and longevity in the garden that the Royal Horticulture Society, England's premiere gardening organization and charity, has endorsed it! It comes with a lifetime guarantee, and we are very honored to offer it to Park gardeners this season.

The long blade of the Widger is carbon-forged steel, and its ergonomically friendly handle is made from sustainably-harvested (FSC) hardwood. It comes with a leather loop for hanging on the wall of the toolshed or potting bench. Simple care instructions are included. All this, plus a lifetime guarantee! Not many garden tools can equal that!

Make the Widger part of your collection of garden tools this season. We predict it will soon have its own place in your garden apron, or will ride around dangling from the handle of your wheelbarrow. It's just that useful -- an all-purpose "long reach" for tight spots! Order yours today!