Wild Rocket Seed Tape

Wild Rocket Seed Tape

A Dinosaur Kale with Huge, Crinkly Leaves!

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Packed with flavor for gourmet eating, this Italian arugula is a magnificent addition to any vegetable garden or container! We are delighted to offer Wild Rocket in seed tape form, because you will want to continuously sow and grow this herb all spring, fall, and maybe even into winter!

Wild Rocket is finely lobed, for a slender yet substantial leaf. Mid- to dark green, these leaves are packed with the peppery bite associated with arugula, but because they are harvested as baby greens, they are never bitter. The best of both worlds!

And growing Wild Rocket with seed tape is so simple. The seeds are pre-embedded into biodegradable tissue-like paper strips 15 feet long. Cut them to desired length and lay them onto smooth soil, covering with a bit more soil and watering them in well. As the seeds sprout and receive water, the tape biodegrades, so the plants arise neatly spaced and protected from washing away!

For best flavor, harvest Wild Rocket when the leaves are small and tender, just 4 weeks after sowing. Cut the leaves near the base, and they will regrow for another harvest before the season is over! You can also let the plants mature before harvesting, but the flavor and texture is most appealing when the leaves are young.

To use seed tape, simply place the first strips you want to sow onto the soil, cover with a little more soil, and water them in. Successive sowings every week or two during the season will keep the fresh arugula coming! Contains 15 feet of seed tape.