Wildfire Caladium

Wildfire Caladium

Tricolor Beauty!

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Have you ever seen pink tones as deep and richly red as these on a Caldium? Neither have we, which is one of the many reasons we love Wildfire! This Fancy-Leaf type combines three lovely colors on every big, bold leaf. And the result is months of beauty for you in garden and container, indoors or out!

Wildfire offers a color pattern second to none. The edges of each leaf are a rich but muted shade of hunter green, lightening a bit toward the central veins. The veins are deep pink to red, and they aren't contained to the spidery lines running through the leaf. Instead, the pink tones take off like (yes, you guessed it!) wildfire!

Meanwhile, white spots dot the leaves randomly, adding another color and pattern to the display. There shoul be a stronger category than "Fancy-Leaf" to describe this color play!

Wildfire is a good size for garden and container, too. It will reach just under 2 feet high, and can stretch anywhere from 12 to 18 inches wide, depending on length of the growing season and available space. A good companion to flowering annuals as well as other foliage plants, it meanders and merges without getting aggressive, so you can safely put it even in a crowded color bowl.

If you are new to growing Caladium, lucky you -- they are one of Nature's easiest and most rewarding gifts. Free from pests and diseases, they ask only warm soil and regular water to grow and look their best for months. Wait until the spring soil or potting mix feels warm to the touch to set out the bulbs in spring, and dig them up before first frost to save for another year of beauty. (They store well in clean kitty litter in a shoebox in the closet!)

Oh, one tip about planting the bulbs: they should be placed knobby side up (they will look upside down, as though they're standing on their heads). Give them sun to part shade and wait for the long, slender shoots to emerge and gradually unfurl into large, colorful leaves. Enjoy this carefree treasure! Zones 8 to 10.