Winter Jewels ® Amethyst Glow Lenten Rose

Winter Jewels ® Amethyst Glow Lenten Rose

Rich, Long-lasting Color in a Distinctive Chalice Shape!

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It's another magnificent Winter Jewels® Hellebore! Amethyst Glow boasts the richest tones and the most interesting bloom shape yet, regaling you with deep plummy to violet purple shades on petals that curve up and inward, creating a chalice form. Stunning!

The Winter Jewels® series comes to us from Marietta O'Byrne, and it's no exaggeration to say that these Hellebores have transformed the family. The blooms are bigger -- fully 3 inches wide! -- and so richly colored! They begin in late winter, sometimes before the last snow has left the garden, and march right into spring without losing a petal! Terrific staying power, even in rough weather.

And the plant is handsome as well. Evergreen and very well-branched, it has long, dark green leaves that rabbits, deer, and other nibblers will not touch. Expect Amethyst Glow to reach about 18 to 22 inches high in full bloom, and to stretch 24 inches wide. Very long-lived, it grows slowly at first, then takes off once it's happy in the garden. It will last for more than a decade, setting offshoots each spring if you allow it!

And Amethyst Glow is easy to grow, asking only for dappled sunlight to full shade and rich, well-drained soil. (In the wild it is found in woodlands.) Once established, it can tolerate considerable stress, including periods of heat, humidity, and even drought as well as very severe winters. This is a hardy survivor, so pamper it the first few seasons and then let it go! You will be amazed at its low maintenance beauty!

If you want to show off the flowers to best advantage, remove the old foliage down to the ground in late winter, before the buds open. Or you can simply cut the newly-opened blooms and float them face up in a bowl of water, where their rich plummy purple tones show to greatest advantage! Very long-lasting on the plant, they mature to a papery texture that has its own beauty.

Make Amethyst Glow part of your garden this season, and we predict that you will be back for more Winter Jewels® next year! These Hellebores are simply too good to miss! Zones 4-8.