Winter Jewels™ Rose Quartz Hellebore

Winter Jewels™ Rose Quartz Hellebore

A Picoteed Double!

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Far and away the showiest Hellebore we have ever grown, Rose Quartz dazzles with ciy-white petals edged in rose. And the best part? Every bloom contains twice the petal count of others, creating the first-ever double-flowerd, picoteed Lenten Rose!

Part of the Winter Jewels™ series, Rose Quartz comes by its good looks and beauty honestly. The plants are vigorous and well-branched, with many more flowering stems than older varieties. They brighten the shade border or woodland garden with evergreen foliage and long-lasting flowers in winter and early spring. You can even cut the blooms and float them in a bowl of water for stunning indoor color.

As remarkable as their color is the blooms' longevity. They will stay fresh for months in the garden and weeks in the vase! The foliage is also long-lasting, evergreen and very resistant to everything from nibbling animals to most diseases.

Over time, Hellebore slowly spreads into a glorious carpet of rich dark green! It competes very well with tree roots, making it a valuable underplanting in the shade! You will come to treasure the winter landscape with a large planting of Rose Quartz to admire! Zones 5-8.