Wire Bird Feeder

Wire Bird Feeder

Let the Backyard Birds Dine in Style!

12.5 inches Metal and Glass
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Keep the backyard birds flying their best with this compact, sturdy feeder, just the right size to hang from a branch outside your favorite viewing window. Constructed of rust-proof metal and clear glass for years of use in the elements, the Beacon is a birdfeeder you will rely on in all weather to offer nourishment to your feathered friends.

We like the real glass and strong, rust-proof metal used in the making of this feeder. The large metal ring at the top is wide enough to fit a good-sized branch through, and the overhanging roof offers good protection from rain and snow for the small trough under the feeder, so the seed doesn't get wet as quickly. The dining birds appreciate a break from the weather, too!

The central feeding tube is round, with decorative loops encircling the glass that give it a bit of a hurricane lamp look. Strong and clear, the glass will hold plenty of seed of all types and sizes, and the metal loops protect it from pecking beaks. You can keep an eye on the seed level with a glance, and refilling the tube or cleaning the feeder is easy.

The Beacon Birdfeeder measures 12.5 inches from the base to the top of the hanging ring, and the roof is 8 inches in diameter. Find a cozy place for this feeder and begin admiring your backyard friends up close as they dine in comfort and security year-round!