Woodland Log Lantern

Woodland Log Lantern

Enjoy the Holidays by Candlelight!

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The simplest decorations are always the best, and this rustic tree bough lantern just proves it! Cut from an actual log, this candle-lit lantern hangs from a length of jute to offer flickering, romantic light for those long winter evenings!

Featuring an intricate snowflake cutout in one side, this lantern has been hollowed out to make way for a votive candle inside (included). The buttery golden glow cast by the candle is the perfect accent for a late-night patio party, a holiday table, and even the mantelpiece. The rustic theme and simple style of this lantern complement a wide range of decor, and no outlet or batteries are needed to carry this light wherever you want it to go!

The Log Lantern makes an excellent gift, and will never go out of style or wear out. Pick up several this season and enjoy a little candlelight in your own winter wonderland!

Two sizes are available:Medium - 12½"H x 5½"Diameter

Large - 15"H x 7"Diameter