Worlds Strongest Flower Pouch - 6 Hole

World's Strongest Flower Pouch - 6 Hole

Strong handles give this pouch extra strength -- and it's UV-resistant!

6 Hole
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Boasting more strength than any other flower pouch I've ever used, this German flower pouch is simply the best for growing trailing plants on the patio, indoors, or anywhere you have vertical support! With 6 slits down the front, it's ready to produce a gloriously full "basket" of blooms!

Unlike traditional flower pouches, this Flower Pouch is made of woven, laminated polyethylene that resists UV and lasts for many years. It even comes with a reinforced handle, doubling the "hang strength" of your planting! This one won't rip, fray, or stretch -- it has all of the sturdiness of a hanging basket with the flexibility of a pouch!

Use the Flower Pouch for all your trailing plants, from Ivy-leaf Geraniums to Strawberries to spreading Petunias and more. Have you ever considered growing your kitchen herb garden vertically instead of horizontally? Herbs make lovely trailers, indoors or out, in this pouch! The possibilities are endless!

This bag measures 13.3 inches high, with a 9-inch-diameter opening. It weighs just a couple of ounces, but can hold many, many pounds of soil, water, roots, and blooms! Such a bargain for years of lovely vertical color! Sold in sets of 2.