Zinfin Doll™ Hydrangea

Zinfin Doll™ Hydrangea

Blooms Won't Turn Blue!

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Zinfin Doll™ is so magnificent, a Panicle Hydrangea with big, pointed flowerheads that open pure white, turn pink at the base, and gradually mature to a rich red by the end of the season. Most Hydrangea will turn blue if the soil pH is low (acidic) enough and/or if enough Aluminum is present. Zinfin Doll™, however, holds its blushing pink color regardless of soil pH. And it's hardy through zone 3 in the north!

Hydrangea are always a welcome presence in the garden, and Zinfin Doll™ is particularly delightful! In addition to the beautiful blooms (which make great cut flowers, by the way!), it also attracts butterflies in to pollinate your plants. And thanks to its high tolerance for wind, cold weather, pollution, and even salt, this robust cultivar is as reliable as Hydrangeas come!

Zinfin Doll™ is a Proven Winners® ColorChoice® plant chosen for its exceptional beauty and performance. To be selected for this group, it was thoroughly tested in trial gardens all around the world, and found to have superb health and vigor as well as spectacular color.

This exceptionally hardy Hydrangea is adaptable to most garden spots. Give it a moist, well-drained spot and watch it do the rest! This plant thrives in full sun, but in the south it benefits from some afternoon shade. Give it a trim in late winter or early spring if you wish to keep it tidy and compact. Zinfin Doll™ is an adorable addition to any border! Grow it this season and enjoy armloads of blushing white blooms for the vase! Zones 3 to 8.