ZOro Hybrid Squash Seeds

Z'Oro Hybrid Squash Seeds

Straight, Flavorful Golden Zukes!

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45 days from direct-sowing.

Let Z'Oro leaves its mark in your garden! This handsome golden zucchini is the straightest, meatiest, most uniform one we have ever grown, with a succulent texture and mild, sweet flavor that will please all ages. Great for canning and freezing as well as eating fresh, it offers generous yields every time.

No green markings mar the golden-yellow beauty of these zukes! The fruit is long, blocky, and straight, very uniform for easier canning, and simply packed with delicious flesh. Reaching 7 inches long, this squash is about 1½ inches in diameter, with a small blossom scar and blunt tips, for an extra bite or two!

Part of the secret to the productivity of Z'Oro is the good adaptation of its plants. This is a squash you can be successful with in any climate, from sweltering long-summer areas to coolish climes. The vines are vigorous, bearing heavily in no time. An especially good choice for new gardeners, and a must-have for your Three Sisters planting!

Zucchini is one of the easiest of all vegetables to grow. Sow seeds 1 inch deep directly into the garden after the danger of frost is past. (The rule of thumb is 2 seeds per hole.) Thin the seedlings to 24 inches apart, or plant 4 to 5 seeds together in hills 4 feet apart and then thin to 2 plants per hill. For even earlier harvests, start seeds indoors and transplant into the garden as soon as the soil warms in spring. Pkt is 20 seeds.