120 Pack Refill Sponges for the Original 60-cell Planting Block

60-cell (Pack of 120)
Item #96413-PK-120


Plant a New Crop in Your Bio Dome with these Bio Sponges!

This rooting medium is intended for use with Park's Bio Dome Seed Starter system.

Your Bio Planting Block will last a lifetime with these handy, economical Bio Sponges! When you're ready to begin a new crop in the Planting Block, first be sure that the block has been thoroughly disinfected (warm water with a splash of bleach is fine). Then soak 60 of the Bio Sponges in warm water for a few minutes. They expand, revealing the pre-drilled planting hole at one end. Simply slip one seed into the hole of each Bio Sponge, place the Sponge seed-side-up in the cell of the Planting Block, and you're on your way to another bumper crop of healthy, strong, super-quick seedlings!

Bio Sponges are now enriched with oilseed extract, giving your seedlings an extra boost of nutrition. You'll love the results!

For replacement 60 Cell Bio Planting Block and 60 Bio Sponges. To find out more please see Park's Bio Dome Seed Starter system.


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Item Form Pack of 120
Size 60-cell (Pack of 120)
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Customer Reviews

April 09, 2020

Economical planting

This shopper rated the product 4 out of 5 stars

The refills are reasonably priced. If you plan ahead you can buy them when demand is low - they store well and don't take up much room (unlike bags of seed starting mix). The downside is these planting blocks seem to make the seedlings a bit more susceptible to transplant shock. The trick seems to be to start them in the blocks then transplant to a larger pot with potting soil later. Using these blocks reduces your risk of waste when seed starting and the effort to tease apart seedlings in bigger pots. These appear to be made of peat, which is a non-renewable resource, so if you are very "green" they may not appeal to you.

Will from MD

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