16 Refill Sponges for Mega-cell Dome Seed Starting Kit

16 Refill Sponges for Mega-cell Dome Seed Starting Kit

Replacement Plugs to Keep your Mega-cell Dome Growing!

3" x 2.75" Brown
Item # 90541-PK-16

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Your 8 Mega-cell Dome Kit is going to get a LOT of use, so keep replacement cells on hand for new batches of seeds, seedlings, and rooted cuttings! This replacement pack gives you 16 cells, enough to refill the Mega-cell Dome twice.

If you like rooting cuttings, growing extra-large seedlings, and eliminating the transplant step for your indoor plants, the 8 Mega-cell Dome Kit should be your preferred system! This amazing seed starting kit takes all the marvels of the BIo Dome design and magnifies them into a size suitable for rooted cuttings, half-grown plants, plant divisions, and more!

Now you can grow big, healthy seedlings indoors, no matter how long spring is delayed or transplant is postponed. Not only can you root cuttings, you can also get your well-branched, full-grown new plants underway without transplanting to a bigger pot size. And you can grow houseplants all the year round without the need for repotting!

The 8 Mega-cell Dome is a humidity controlled, bottom-watering tray along the same principle as our classic Bio Dome. The cells here are quite large -- 3 inches high and 2¾ inches in diameter at the top! -- and use the same premium bio sponge material to provide optimal aeration to the roots. They have been enriched with oilseed extract. This offers seedlings an extra source of nutrition, resulting in bigger, healthier plants than ever before!

The material and the shape of the cells encourage the roots to grown downwards rather than spiraling or remaining near the surface. By the time they leave the Mega Dome, your plants are in great shape for transplant into their permanent container or the garden!

The cells are set into a pre-formed planting block that can be washed and re-used almost endlessly. This, in turn, is placed into a deep plastic tray, with room at the base for water and seedling food. The tray fits neatly below a clear plastic humidity dome that features a circular, adjustable vent for premium climate control. Everything is in place for the best seed starting and growing on experience of your gardening career!

Stock up on refill cells today, and keep your garden growing its best, indoors and out!