24-inch Tabletop Plant Light

24-inch Tabletop Plant Light

Grow Indoors with Wide-spectrum Adjustable Lighting!

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Grow all your seedlings, cuttings, and houseplants without any available sunlight using this compact, economical lighting system! The simple stand and wide-spectrum fluorescent lights (under a white cover) are completely mobile, for quick and easy set-up wherever you like!

The metal stand permits you to adjust the light hood to varying heights, providing optimal levels of light for emerging seedlings, rooting cuttings, or mature plants. Whether you are growing on tiny seedlings that need to be close to the light or full-sized tropical plants you want to overwinter indoors, this plant light is the perfect set-up!

An ideal growing environment is provided by wide-spectrum fluorescent lighting, which distributes the reds and yellows of the spectrum more widely than regular household fluorescents can do. This system contains two 20-watt bulbs, each 24 inches long. You will be delighted with how your plants respond to improved indoor lighting! No more stretched tomato seedlings or pale green leaves!

This entire unit (stand and light fixture) measures 24 inches wide by 25 inches high by 11 inches deep. Just plug the Tabletop Plant Light into any standard outlet and start growing!

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