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5 Star Favorite Vegetable Seeds & Plants

Find gardening success with these superstars

Looking for gardening success? You can find it here with these 5-star favorites. Many of these vegetable varieties are award winners. Most are easy to grow and prolific, having high germination rates and yields. Some are slow to bolt and can go the distance. A few are just plain pretty. And others are eye-catching marvels, enlivening the garden with a kaleidoscope of colors, shapes, and textures.

All come highly recommended by gardeners, just like you. Read the reviews for yourself. You’ll see things like, “All seeds germinated, with no issues,” and “Well worth the money.”

Tried-and-true, the best of the best, these garden superstars will have you totally veggie out. In no time, you’ll be munching on melons and mushrooms, crunching on cucumbers, tossing back tomatoes, and relishing radical radishes.

And you can get feasting even faster with our Bio Dome system, which allows you to start seeds indoors in winter and ensures robust transplants for spring planting.

We’re dedicated to bringing you the broadest possible range of vegetable seeds, including organic varieties. Although we specialize in traditional heirloom, classic, and hard-to-find varieties, we also offer the new, the novel, and the up-and-coming.

So, check back often to see what new varieties are making the 5-star vegetables list. And please leave your reviews to help fellow gardeners find their new favorites.