A-frame Bee House

A-frame Bee House

Create a Home for Beneficial, Stingless Mason Bees!

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We all want more mason bees in our gardens. These non-stinging bees are terrific plant pollinators, one of the best beneficial "bugs" any garden can have. So to encourage them to make themselves at home in your landscape, offer mason bees a place to live and lay their eggs: this charming, functional fir and bamboo A-frame!

Female mason bees will lay their eggs in the open bamboo tubes of this shelter, and both sexes will appreciate the weather protection that this A-frame offers. Great transporters of nectar and pollen, mason bees will happily colonize where they are content, and your garden will reap the rewards in terms of better flowering and healthier foliage.

The A-frame hangs from a tree branch or other secure horizontal support, and lasts for many seasons. Sturdy and all-natural, it is unpainted except for a red attractant "bib" at the base. Mason bees will locate it promptly and make themselves at home!

This structure measures 11.2 inches long at its widest point, 3.1 inches deep, and 5.9 inches high. Place it above your butterfly- and bee-attracting flowering plants, or in the sheltered space beneath a canopy of tree branches. It's fun to watch and a really useful addition to the garden habitat. 0.9 pounds.