AAS Winner Fruit Seeds

Award-winning fruit plants and seeds.

A collection of the best fruit seeds and plants to grow in your garden, AAS winning fruit plants and seeds have been judged to provide superior growing performance and garden reliability. When choosing which fruit to grow in your garden or patio container, be sure to look for the AAS Winner symbol on Park Seed. For 150 years, we’ve selected, packaged, shipped, purveyed, and supported thousands of gardeners in their edible garden growing endeavors and we look forward to doing the same for you. With Park Seed, service and advice is part of the package.

If you have grown fruit before, or even purchased fresh produce from a local farmer’s market, you can uniquely appreciate the exceptional flavor of homegrown fruit. Fruit seeds can be germinated indoors, or direct sown and fruit plants can be grown in a wide variety of USDA Hardiness Zones, too. If you haven’t tried growing fruit in your home garden, AAS Winners from Park Seed are a good place to begin. Your fruit plants and seeds have the double seal of approval with superior germination from Park Seed and reliability tested by AAS judges from across North America.

The test gardens and AAS judges discern the characteristics that are most desirable for growing specific types of fruit. And their discernment, growing experience, quality knowledge, and product expertise are for your benefit. Qualities such as earlier to bloom or harvest, pest or disease tolerance, unique colors or flavors, new forms, total yield, and the length of flowering to harvest are all considered in the overall performance rating of these fruit seeds and plants for your backyard garden from All-America Selections. Park Seed ensures germination and your satisfaction. Coupled with tips for planting, growing, and harvesting your fruit plants and seeds, your garden is in good hands with you, AAS, and Park Seed Company.