AAS Winner Herb Seeds

Create a robust herb garden today!

Tired of half-wilted, flavorless grocery store herbs? Herbs are easy to grow, and if you’ve ever tasted herbs picked fresh from the garden, you know nothing compares to homegrown. And the All-America Selections Winners below are some of the best tasting and most reliable varieties you can grow.

The herbs in this category have been tested across the nation and have proven themselves superior. Plants are evaluated for overall garden performance, which includes such things as plant vigor, disease resistance, earliness of the harvest, and total yield. But ultimately, flavor is the final test.

Savory and aromatic herbs have been welcomed in kitchen, scent, and apothecary gardens for centuries. But besides adding bursts of flavor to dishes and drinks and improving our health, herbs also beautify our spaces with lovely textures, seemingly endless verdant colors, and sumptuous scents, appealing to all our senses.

In addition, herbs contribute to a robust vegetable garden by adding diversity and protecting vulnerable varieties: some deter pests or lure pests away, sacrificing themselves so vegetables may live to maturity, while others attract beneficial bugs. (Did you know a single sweet little ladybug can eat several hundred aphids a day?) Important nectar and pollen sources, herbs attract pollinators. And higher numbers of pollinators mean bigger yields.

So, whether you devote a large space or just a few pots to herbs, they add spice to your life and bring bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your garden, a garden that smells of lavender, rosemary, and mint.