AAS Winner Vegetable Seeds

Grow All-America Selections Winner vegetables in your garden

Want a more productive garden? All-America Selections Winner vegetables are a good start. Proven garden performers, they have been tested across the nation and have been found superior. Plants are evaluated for overall performance, which includes such things as plant vigor, disease resistance, earliness of the harvest, and total yield. But ultimately, flavor is the final test.

Although these varieties produce reliable crops with heavy yields, choosing AAS Winners is only part of the equation. You must start with quality seed. Our seeds—always non-GMO—exceed industry germination standards and arrive garden ready because we package them with extreme care. Many seeds are shipped in our exclusive Fresh-Pak gold foil packets to keep seeds fresh by keeping moisture out. Some small seeds are offered as clay-coated "pellets" to make sowing and growing easier. And very tiny or fragile seeds are placed in crush-proof vials to ensure they arrive perfectly intact.

You can also increase harvests by extending the season: use the Bio Dome to give seedlings an early, healthy head start, succession plant to stretch harvest times, and choose slow-to-bolt varieties that can go the distance well into fall.

Gardeners know the sweetest, juiciest melons, the crunchiest cucumbers, and the only tomatoes with old-time flavor come straight from the garden and that growing vegetables from seed is the most affordable way to feed their family delicious and nutritious fare. And Park Seed is devoted to offering gardeners the widest variety of seeds available anywhere. Don’t wait. Start veggie out today.