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Silk Flower

ABELMOSCHUS (Silk Flower)  Malvaceae  Abelmoschus sp.

HABITAT:  Perennial of unknown hardiness, thought to be native of Central Asia.

USES:  Borders, pot plant.

HABIT:  15 inch compact plants, spreading to 20 inches.  3-4 inch flowers, ranging from rich red to bright pink, each with white centers.

SEED GERMINATION AND CULTURE:  Sow seed about 6-8 weeks before setting out after last frost.  Sow on Park's Grow Mix covering to the thickness of the seed or use Park's Bio Dome Seed Starter.  Place in a warm location about 70°F.  Gentle bottom heat, as from a soil heating cable, enhances germination.  Transplant to 2 ½ inch pots when 4 leaves develop.
After hardening off, plant in a sunny, well-drained location in ordinary soil 15 inches apart.