Abies Golden Spreader

Abies 'Golden Spreader'

Spreading in youth but rising with age!

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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Shades of bright yellow and chartreuse are not what one expects to see in the barren coldness of winter landscapes, but that's exactly what Golden Spreader is here to show off! Add distinction to your garden all year with this cheerful evergreen and its unusual habit. In its youth this tree mostly spread horizontally in a mound of dense bright green needles. As it matures through the years it will rise off the ground into a handsome pyramidal shade. Talk about a transformation! This tree tolerates full sun in cooler climates but generally does best in partial shade. This easy to care for shrub will keep your garden full of bright green, yellow, and even gold foliage all year long. Add it as ground cover for some visual and textural interest in your yard or garden.