About Face™ Grandiflora Rose

About Face™ Grandiflora Rose

A 2005 All-America Rose Selections winner!

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Plant Patent #17,305. Cultivar Name: 'WEKosupalz' This charming "backwards bicolor" Grandiflora sports masses of warm-toned blooms boasting 26-30 petals, a subtle fragrance of fresh apple, and long-stemmed elegance you will love in the vase as well as the garden. Winner of a 2005 All-America Rose Selections award, About Face™ is one of the most exciting varieties to come along in quite a while!

The exterior of the petals are bronzy-red, so when the 2 1/2- to 4-inch flowers are in bud, they have a dark, rich glow. As they start to open, however, you can glimpse the bright orange-gold within. Very showy on a fully-blooming shrub, with both buds and open blooms at once!

Marvelously vigorous, this 5- to 6-foot-tall shrub sets an amazing number of blooms over a long summer season. And these flowers are so lovely, with a petal-packed, fully double form and old-fashioned look!

About Face™ was bred from O Sole Mio and a seedling plus Midas Touch crossed with Hot Cocoa, so you can see the range of colors and forms involved in its creation. It is the work of Rosarian Tom Carruth, the breeder of many recent AARS winners, so you can expect it to be very garden-worthy and easy to care for.

Give About Face™ a place of honor in your Rose garden today, and enjoy bouquets of bright blooms for many seasons to come! Zones 7-9.