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Acanthus spinosus

Acanthus spinosus

Striking Flower Spikes of Reddish Lilac!

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Known fondly as Bear's Breeches, this charming perennial is noteworthy for tenacity as well as its pleasing floral display. Fans of snapdragons will admire the similarities of this plant with its lovely white flowers that are overlaid with reddish-lilac bracts for an interesting clash of colors. While its glossy, deeply cut foliage keeps itself in a tidy clump, the flowers rise up to 4' above it to make making a phenomenal vertical statement. Flowers begin as early as late spring and continue into summer. It prefers well-drained soil and winter mulch is a must. This plant isn't pestered by any particular diseases, bugs or rabbits, but slug and snail could be a problem if not handled effectively.