Achillea Sassy Summer Lemon

Achillea 'Sassy Summer Lemon'

Massive Sunny Yellow Flowerheads for Summer

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Want to add some extra golden shine to your summer garden? 'Sassy Summer Lemon' Yarrow is just the ticket! This tall, sun-loving perennial hosts joyful yellow blooms which are magnets for bees and butterflies who will eagerly flock to the delicate yellow petals. They are useful in so many ways - mass planting, borders, cutting garden - you name it and this yarrow can do it! Flourishing even in dry, poor quality soil and defying pests such as deer and rabbits, this plant is practically indestructible. Easy to care for just plant it and watch it grow! 'Sassy Summer Lemon' is taller than most and blooms earlier so you'll get to enjoy the color all summer long! This yarrow grows quickly, needs no special pampering, and will liven up your landscape for months with its distinctive prairie charm and massive sunshine colored flower heads.