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Achillea (Yarrow)

ACHILLEA (Yarrow) Compositae A. species

HABITAT: Europe and the Orient.   Hardy Zone 3-10, except  species A. ageratum USES: Border, rock garden, specimens, cut flowers, dried flowers.

SEED GERMINATION AND CULTURE: Sow seeds in late winter. Spread moist Grow Mix even with the top of a shallow container (Jiffy Seed Flat). Sow seeds in shallow rows and cover to their thickness.  Bottom water and place in cool location about 60°F.  Keep moist, never allow to dry out.  Outdoors:  Sow seeds in spring, which is preferred, or early fall where winters are mild. Sow seeds a cold frame or a raised, protected bed. Cover the seeds 3-4 times their thickness.  Firm the soil and keep moist until seedlings emerge.  Then water seedlings as required. When roots emerge from peat pots side, plant in a warm, well-drained location.

SPECIED:  A. ageratum (Sweet Yarrow)
A. millifolium (Common Yarrow, Milfoil)
A. ptarmica (Sneezewort)
A. umbellata (Umbel Yarrow)

DISEASES: Mildew, Botrytis Blight:  Use an approved fungicide such as Benlate to control.  Proper drainage will prevent most root diseases.

PROPAGATION: Cuttings (Mid summer), division (spring), and seeds.