Acrolinium (Sunray)

ACROLINIUM (Sunray) Compositae Helipterum roseum

HABITAT:  Native to South Africa and Australia.

USES:  Dried flower arrangements, cuts.

HABIT:  Annual, 2-3 inch, disk-like flowers in yellow, white, and pink on 1 1/2-2 foot stems surrounded by oval, pointed leaves.  Flowering July-August.

SEED GERMINATION:  As plants are difficult to transplant, sow outdoors after all danger of frost has passed or sow direct to peat pots or pellets maintaining a soil temperature of 70-75 degrees until germination occurs, usually within 2-3 weeks.  Shift plants to garden when roots emerge from pot walls. Flowers bloom six weeks after germination.

CULTURE:  Set plants in full sun and average to dry soil with excellent drainage, 9-12 inches apart.  Provide moderate moisture and fertilizer and keep well cultivated.

INSECTS:  Beetle, Leafhopper, Scale:  Use an approved insecticide such as Malathion or Diazinon for control.

DISEASES:  Aster Yellow, Curlytop:  Control leafhoppers.  Destroy infected plants and keep well cultivated. Ringspot:  Keep well cultivated and control insects.
Root Knot:  Keep watered, fertilized, and well cultivated.  Destroy infected plants. Stem Rot:  Destroy infected plants.  Drench soil with Captan, Ferban, or Terrachlor for control.


REMARKS:  To dry, cut before fully open and hang with blossoms down in a dry, shady area.