Actinidia Hardy Kiwi Kit

Actinidia Hardy Kiwi Kit

Cross-Pollinating Pair Make Kiwi Growing Easy

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Kiwi are dioecious and require cross-pollination of a male and female plant for fruit production. Male plants pollinate female plants but do not fruit. To make kiwi growing as easy as possible, we have done the research for you and have included 2 varieties in our Kiwi Kit, a male and a female, that work best together.

Cold Hardy, to Zone 4, these attractive, ornamental vines grow easily and vigorously, resist pests and diseases, and produce abundant crops of delicious and nutritious fruit, high in vitamin C. The vine grows thick and dense with foliage and attracts birds and bees. The leaves can be cooked and eaten, mainly as an herb.

Anna (female) is a productive variety, extremely popular in home gardens. The kiwis are large, attractive, and very sweet.

Male Hardy (male) does not bear fruit but can pollinate up to 8 female plants. In spring, the vine is covered with fragrant, bright white flowers. Young foliage is purple green, becoming green with pink and white variegation in early summer, aging solid green.

Uses: Vertical Edible Gardening, Edible Garden, Coastal Gardens, Containers, Walkways, Accent, Barrier, Mass Planting, Specimen, Create a Screen

This is a non-GMO item and is grown with sustainable and ecologically sound growing practices. Plants are 1 to 2 feet tall when shipped.