Party in a Pot Kiwi Pair - 2 plants

Party in a Pot Kiwi Pair - 2 plants

The Perfect Pair for Big Crops Every Time!

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Kiwi looks and tastes so tropical, you might assume it could only be grown in very warm climates. Not so! This male and female kiwi vine are hardy all the way through zone 3 in the north, setting not only delicious fruits but fragrant flowers and handsome foliage that turns yellow in autumn. They are a terrific source of multi-season beauty!

The male and female Kiwi vines are sold together because both are needed for fruiting. Sun-loving, they quickly reach 6 feet or more long, working up any vertical or horizontal support. Give them something to climb, and they will take off!

In early summer, aromatic white flowers arise on the vines, followed by tiny green fruits that mature to a smooth cranberry-russet skin, hairless and just about the size of a grape. Inside, the flesh is succulent, tart, and sweet -- the perfect blend!

Expect the fruit to mature in early fall, about the time that the leaves turn from green to gold and yellow. What a show, year after year! You will love your Kiwi vines!