AJUGA (Bugle Weed, Carpet Bugle) Labiatae A. species

HABITAT:  Native to Europe.  Zone 4-10.

USES: Ground Cover, shade, border.

HABIT:  Low growing, herbaceous perennial, sending out creeping stolens in or on top of the soil and bearing low spikes of blue, white or variegated colored flowers in May-June.

SEED GERMINATION AND CULTURE:  Set out plants in April 6-12" apart.  Set in rich, moist soil with excellent drainage and humus (compost, leaf mold, peat moss) added.  Ajuga tolerates sun, semi-shade and shade.  Keep cultivated, watered and feed monthly with a balanced garden fertilizer such as 8-8-8, well watered in or feed with a water soluble fertilizer per package instructions.
The plants spread rapidly by means of runners (stolens) but may be divided by removing young plants which develop from the parent plant at the end of the runners.

SPECIES:  A. reptans (Common Bugle) Deep green.  Blue flowers. 4-12".  Variety Alba:  Light green foliage with white flowers; Variety Atropurpurea with bronze leaves and blue flowers; Variety Bronze Beauty with large, bronzy foliage and blue flowers; Variety Multi-Color, spotted and variegated with yellow brown and red and with blue flowers;  Variety Rubra with dark purple leaves; Variety Variegata Conspicua with cream-white markings and blue flowers.
A. genevensis (Alpine Bugle) 6-9".  No runners. Bright blue, May-June.  Variety Metallica Crispa with dark brown foliage and metallic sheen.  Crisp edges and blue flowers; Variety Rosy Spire with bright green foliage and pink flowers.
A. pyramidalis with green foliage and large flower spikes.

INSECTS:  Mealy Bug:  Use an approved insecticide such as Malathion, Meta-Sytox-R, Sevin.
Mites:  Use an approved insecticide such as Kelthane, Diazinon.

DISEASES:  Crown Rot:  Use an approved fungicide such as Captan, Terraclor.
Root Knot:  Use an approved fungicide such as Lime Sulfur.


REMARKS:   All turn reddish bronze in the fall in cooler climates and may drop their foliage in cool weather.