AlgoPlus Tomato Fertilizer

AlgoPlus Tomato Fertilizer

The New and Improved AlgoFlash!

1 liter Tomato
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You simply won't believe the power of this patented formula from France! It has grown a carrot 193 inches long, a Chrysanthemum with 7,791 flowers -- and the list goes on! And now the best liquid fertilizer we have ever used is available in a blend specifically designed for tomatoes!

Just think of it -- you'll grow your biggest and best tomato crop ever using AlgoPlus's 100% mineral base, with NO harmful chemicals, NO environmental impact, and even NO color and odor! And if you dilute it improperly, AlgoPlus is forgiving -- it won't burn out plant roots like other fertilizers can! Wow!

AlgoPlus works by encouraging rapid cell multiplication using the optimal ratio of 3 major elements, along with macro- and micro-nutrients. It stimulates flower and vegetable production at astounding rates, and is effective on just about everything in the garden.

Use one capful of AlgoPlus per gallon of water as a regular feed, OR 1/2 capful to spray directly onto the foliage. It contains no chlorides, no carbonates, and no sodium. A single bottle makes more than 100 gallons of solution!

Tomato AlgoPlus fertilizer has an analysis of 4-6-8. These numbers represent the percentage of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (N-P-K) contained in this fertilizer. Nitrogen (always the first number) is important to stimulate growth rate and to "green up" the foliage so that it can process nutrients more efficiently. Phosphorus, the middle number, stimulates root growth. And Potassium, the last number, stimulates flowering and fruiting. 1-liter bottle