ALLAMANDA Apocynaceae A. species

HABITAT: Native to tropical America.  Zone 10.

USES: Greenhouse pots, specimens, accent, hedges.

HABIT:  Evergreen, usually climbing, woody plants, 10-40 feet, bearing large, yellow or rosy-lavender, trumpet-shaped flowers in summer on thick, rope-like stems.  The flowers are followed by roundish, spiney seed pods and the foliage is glossy, dark green, thick and leathery. Growth rate:  rapid.

CULTURE:  Set out in the warmer areas of Florida, Texas, or California in sun and a rich, light, well-drained loam with plenty of humus (compost, leaf mold, peat moss) or old manure added.  Allamandas tolerate wind but should be provided with a sturdy support on which to climb by their twining stems.  Some guidance is necessary to get them started.  Prune new shoots yearly to prevent leggy growth (early spring).  Fertilize every three weeks with a garden fertilizer such as 5-10-10 during the growing period and provide plenty of moisture. As greenhouse plants, pot in a commercially prepared potting soil, keeping the plant in a well lighted area with good air circulation. Keep moist during the growing season and fertilize every other week with a standard house plant fertilizer.  Allamandas grow best indoors in 16-20" tubs for adequate root development.  Provide a trellis for climbing support.  Withhold fertilizer and reduce water during the winter, then replace the pot portion of the soil mix with fresh, humusy compost each spring.  Pruning indoors usually consists of cutting back side shoots of past summer growth to 1-2 buds (February).

SPECIES:  A. cathartica va. hendersonii (Henderson common Allamanda):Vine.  Zone 10.  Evergreen.  Brazil.  5" bright yellow Morning Glory-like flowers.  Flower buds are brown.
A. cathartica williamsii (Williams Allamanda):  40'.  Zone 10.  Climbing shrub.  Brazil.  Long, oval, glossy, light green leaves. Trumpet-shaped, yellow, double flowers in clusters.
A. neriifolia (Oleander Allamanda):  5'.  Zone 10.  Brazil. Shrub.  Oblong, dark, green leaves with light green undersides. Golden yellow-striped flowers with brownish red insides and greenish at the the base.
A. violacea (Violet Allamanda):  Climbing shrub.   Zone 10. Brazil.  Slender, pointed 6" leaves.  Light green.  Bell-like flowers. Dull magenta.

INSECTS:  Mealy Bug, Scale, White Fly:  Use an approved insecticide such as Malathion.
Nematode:  Mulch.  Treat soil with Nemagold Marigolds.

DISEASES:  Chlorosis:  Usually a magnesium deficiency in over-limed or acid soil.  Adjust soil pH to 6-7.

PROPAGATION:  Hardwood or softwood cuttings.