Bounty™ Almond Tree

Bounty™ Almond Tree

Late to Bloom, Early to Harvest!

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At last, gardeners in colder regions can grow delicious almonds with this charming, free-flowering little tree! Grafted onto Lovell peach rootstock, Bounty™ is hardy to -20°F and a heavy producer of delectable soft-shelled nuts every fall!

Developed in Ukraine at the famous Nikita Botanic Gardens, Bounty™ reaches just 10 to 12 feet high and not quite as wide. Unlike other almonds, it flowers quite late -- mid- to late spring in most climates -- so it escapes the late frosts that kill the blooms (and therefore the nuts). These pinkish-white blooms arise very profusely all over the long, slender branches of this tree. And Bounty™ begins fruiting (or should we say "nutting"?!) the third year after planting!

These soft-shelled, large almonds are ready to harvest in early fall in most climates. A mature Bounty™ will deliver 20 pounds or more of fruit every year! And this tree is not subject to canker, a disease that affects many other stone fruits. You will find it healthy, quick-growing, and lovely!

Give Bounty™ full to part sun and well-drained, enriched soil. It is partially self-fertile, so you may want to grow a second tree for bigger crops, but it will do fine on its own as well. Enjoy this ornamental and highly edible beauty! Zones 5-8.