Coneflower Aloha

Coneflower Aloha

Creamy Orange-and-Yellow Blooms All the Way to Frost!

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Combining the best of old and new, this exciting Coneflower (Echinacea) delivers native American perennial vigor with gorgeous color on outstretched, petal-packed blooms. Best of all, the flowers range in color from deep golden-orange to yellow to cream!

Aloha is part of the Prairie Pillars™ series, an outstanding group of Echinacea varieties bred for:

• Long, strong stems for cutting

• Color summer through frost

• Bright colors that attract pollinators

Aloha has all of these traits and more, demonstrating great vigor on an upright, well-branched, very compact habit. No big rangy Echinacea here -- just sturdy stems carrying large, single, absolutely beautiful blooms!

Bred from Echinacea paradoxa x E. pupurea 'Ruby Giant,' Aloha is a dependable performer in just about any climate. Poor and dry soil is no issue, nor is extreme heat, humidity, or rain. This native is at home wherever it finds itself, given full sun and well-drained soil. Of course, for best flowering you will want to keep it well watered and fed all season, and young plants should be pampered until they find their feet in your landscape. But after that, all bets are off -- Aloha is here to stay, beautifully!