Echinacea Aloha

Echinacea 'Aloha'

Creamy Orange-and-Yellow Blooms All the Way to Frost!

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Transform your yard or garden into a ravishing vision of the prairie! 'Aloha' looks stunning planted en masse in a border, bed, or even an open area, where it can rock back and forth in the breeze. Add some phlox, ornamental grass, or darker-colored coneflowers to complete a glorious tableau of prairie life.

'Aloha' is part of the Prairie Pillars™ Collection from Terra Nova Nurseries, a group of single coneflowers bred to be exceptionally tall, strong, and broad-petaled. The long, strong stems make the flowers exceptionally well-suited to the back of the border or the vase. 'Aloha's beautiful blooms and tall, strong habit led the National Garden Bureau to feature this plant when they named 2014 the Year of the Echinacea .

Echinacea is a natural boon in your garden: Butterflies love it, deer hate it, and it is a natural source of powerful medicine! Echinacea helps increase the body's immune response, and has long been used as a supplement to prevent colds and flus and as a tincture to treat infections and even rattlesnake bites! If you are into herbal remedies, you can make your own tincture with Echinacea flowers and roots. Of course, if you are snakebit or gravely ill, you should seek medical attention, but an Echinacea tincture makes a nice home remedy for minor illnesses and infections.

This vigorous Echinacea swiftly reaches up to 28 inches tall at the heads and spreads about 32 inches wide. Creamy yellow blooms open up in early summer and keep going until the first frost (about June-September, depending on your location).

Plant 'Aloha' in full sun in average soil, ideally soil that is coarse and has some mineral in it. This healthy native is resistant to a broad range of conditions, from heat to cold to drought. Zones 4 to 10.