Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas)

ALSTROEMERIA (Peruvian Lily, Lily of the Incas) A. species Amaryllidaceae

HABITAT:  Native to Chile, Brazil.  Zone 6-10 dependent upon species.

USES:  Borders, cut flowers.

HABIT:  Tender, fibrous rooted (white, brittle, rhizome-like roots) plants bearing massive clusters of 1 1/2-2" lily-like orange, yellow, lilac, pink, or red flowers atop 1-4' stems.  The fragrant flowers, many of which are streaked with brown or green, flower from early summer to mid summer.

SEED GERMINATION AND CULTURE:  Sow in winter, 8-10 weeks before setting out in spring.  Spread moist Grow Mix in a shallow tray.  Sow seeds in rows 1/4" deep and cover.  Put tray in a warm place 68° F for 30 days.  Then put tray in a cool place, 40-50°F until germinated. Set young plants or the roots in full sun in well-drained soil, 5-8" deep and 12" apart.  Set roots horizontally.  Stakes may be needed to support plants in windy locations.  Incorporate humus and 2 oz. of super-phosphate per square yard into the soil mix prior to planting.  Spade the soil deeply to 15-18".  Keep well watered and in the zones where plants are left in the ground over winter apply a mulch of hay, straw, etc. for winter protection.  Plants may be grown in 8-12" pots using a commercially prepared potting soil or 1 part soil, 1 part sand, 1 part peat moss, and 3-5 oz. of limestone per bushel of soil mix.  In cold climate, place the containers in a cool (above freezing) location over winter.

SPECIES:  A. aurantiaca (Yellow Alstroemeria):  Zone 7.  2 1/2-4'. Orange with red stripes, orange, red, and yellow.  Summer.
A. chilensis (Chilean Alstroemeria):  2-3'.  Zone 8. Summer.  Rose to red.  Chile.
A. pelegrines (Lily of the Incas):  1-2'.  Zone 10.  Lilac spotted with red and purple.  Chile.  Var. alba white.
A. pulchella - A. psittacina (Parrot Alstroemeria):  2-3'. Zone 8.  Summer.  Dark red with green and brown.  Brazil.
A. brasiliensis:  3-4'.  Red, yellow and brown.  Summer. Brazil.
A. campaniflora:  4-5'.  Greenish.  Summer.  Brazil.
A. haemantha:  2-3'.  Red, green, and purple.  Chile.
A. ligta:  1 1/2-2':  Lilac, red, purple.  Summer.  Chile.
A. versicolor:  2-3'.  Purple, maroon, green.  Summer. Peru.
A. violacea:  3-5'.  Violet-mauve.  Summer.  Chile.

INSECTS: Aphids: For best results use an approved insecticide such as Malathion or Rotenone for control.
Thrips:  For best results use an approved insecticide such as Sevin or Malathion for control.
Slugs:  For best results use bait for control.
Bulb Fly:  For best results use an approved insecticide for control.
Bulb Mite:  For best results use an approved insecticide such as Diazinon for control.

DISEASES:  Botrytis Blight:  Improve spacing for air circulation. Improve soil drainage.  Apply every 7-10 days an approved fungicide such as Zineb or Captan for control.
Bulb Rot:  Destroy infected plants and parts.  Improve drainage and improve air circulation by spacing; dust with Captan or Phaltan prior to planting.

PROPAGATION:  Division, seeds.