Amaranthe Amaryllis Bulbs, Set of Three

Amaranthe Amaryllis Bulbs, Set of Three

Vibrant Red Double Blooms

Pack of 3
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Revolutionize the way you look at Amaryllis! 'Amaranthe' isn't just a vigorous, impressive tropical flower that is great for winter-time color; 'Amaranthe' ups the ante with a fantastic double form and very tall, strong stalks. What a fantastic gift for the plant lovers on your list (or yourself)!

Plant these bulbs in well-drained soil in a pot around 10 inches in Diameter. Water them well to get them started, then let the soil dry a bit in between watering. Place them in a warm, sunny spot while they grow. Once the blooms begin, move them to cooler, shadier spot to preserve the bouquet as long as possible. Once the blooms are spent, if you want to enjoy your Amaryllis for years to come, put the foliage back in the sun and let it replenish its energy until the foliage starts to yellow. Then snip off the leaves and put the bulbs in a cool, dark place and let them go dormant for at least 10 weeks. When you bring them back out they should be ready to sprout up again with another season of stunning red double blooms!