Amazing Grace Wind Chimes

Amazing Grace Wind Chimes

Let the Wind Be Your Musician!

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It's not your imagination -- this set of wind chimes really is playing the opening notes of America's favorite hymn, "Amazing Grace." Before you know it, you will be humming along as you work in the garden or enjoy morning coffee on the patio!

Designed for a long and lovely life, these wind chimes are made of 6 anodized aluminum tubes suspended from an ashwood disk, with an ashwood tongue hanging below the tubes as well. Easy to hang from any hook or other horizontal support, the chimes are durable and beautiful, appropriate for any decor.

The notes played by these chimes are both inspiring and peaceful. Three types of tones are available, corresponding to the length of the tubes. For a higher-pitched rendition of the hymn, choose the smaller chimes. For mid-tones, the medium length is best. For the lowest, deepest tones, select the large size.

The Amazing Grace Wind Chimes make the perfect gift for just about anyone on your list. They are attractive enough for formal settings, very long-lasting, and so pleasant to the ear! Delight someone special this season with a gift of music for any outdoor space.

Here are the three sizes and tones:
• Large - The lowest tones. 40 inches long.

• Medium - Mid-range tones. 25 inches long.

• Small - The highest tones. 16 inches long.