Astilbe Amber Moon

Astilbe Amber Moon

Stunning Spring Foliage and Summer Blooms!

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Darrel Probst is the superstar of Epimedium breeding, renowned for his ability to hunt down new varieties and breed an impeccable collection. Well, now he has applied his skills as a plant hunter and nurseryman to try and improve the Genus Astilbe. Amber Moon is the glorious result!

This Chinese Astilbe hybrid is enchanting all season long! The lacy foliage comes on in spring chartreuse with a tinge of red. The leaves are bright notes against the darker greens of most garden plants. In midsummer the flowers arrive--rosy pink panicles borne on long, upright red stems. Even once the blooms are done in the fall, this golden Astilbe is still inviting, forming an attractive bush of chartreuse foliage 22 to 28 inches wide and 34 to 38 inches tall.

Astilbe likes part shade, rich soil, and frequent watering (especially when blooming). Amber Moon is no exception: the light-colored leaves require some protection from the sun, and the gorgeous blooms require fertilizer and water to reach their full glorious potential. However, once established, Amber Moon is more robust than other Chinese Astilbe, tolerating drought and heat much better. It is an excellent choice for borders that receive any exposure from dappled sunlight to nearly full shade. Long-lived and low maintenance, it is a perennial to be treasured in the shade! Zones 4-9.