Amish Paste

Amish Paste

Juicy and meaty flesh!

(P) Pkt of 30 seeds
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These bright red tomatoes vary in shape and have a juicy and meaty flesh. One of the largest paste tomatoes! Perfect for sauce or fresh eating. They vary in shape and are usually around 8-12 ounces. This tomato was acquired from the Amish near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Perfect for tomato pies, spaghetti, and more. Coreless, top shaped fruit weighs in at around 12 ounces. These tomatoes have a heavy yield and grow very tall! Outstanding flavor awaits you in these delicious tomatoes.

Use the fruit for canning, saucing, and fresh slicing. You will get more than you bargained for with these extra-large tomatoes! A cooks best friend!Indeterminate tomatoes are vining type plants that need support. They can be supported by pens, cages, trellises, or stakes. They set their crops over an extended season throughout the summer until frost. Some varieties will require pruning.