AMMI Umbelliferae A. species

HABITAT: Native to Northeast Africa and Eurasia or southern Europe.  Naturalized in North America.

USES:  Borders and cut flowers.

HABIT:  Plants 3 to 4 feet tall with flower umbels 4 to 6 inches across.  Flower heads composed of small white flowers.

SEED GERMINATION AND CULTURE:  Sow in late winter, 6-8 weeks before setting out in spring.  Sow in Park's Grow Mix covering seed lightly or Park Starts and germinate in a cool location, about 55°F night temperature. After all danger of frost has passed, set out transplants in a sunny to just lightly shaded area 12 inches apart. Ammi prefers a fertile, reasonably moist soil.

SPECIES:  A. majus (Bishop's Weed/Flower, White Lace Flower). Leaves with sharply serrated margins.  Widely grown as a cut flower.  Northeast Africa and Eurasia.
A. visnaga (Bisnaga).  Leaves finely divided into linear, thread-like segments.  Southern Europe.