Bleeding Heart Amore™ Rose

Bleeding Heart Amore™ Rose

The Most Floriferous and Hardy!

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Breathtaking beauty without strenuous effort! Blooming from late spring through summer with abundant clusters of dangling rosy-pink flowers, Amore™ Rose brings delightful color and texture to shady settings from the border and woodland garden to the edges of garden paths, driveway plantings, and the foundation!

Like all Bleeding Hearts, Amore™ Rose attracts hummingbirds but repels nibbling deer -- the perfect combination! It is low-growing, but its flowers are so intensely colorful that they really stand out above the blue-green foliage. This hardy perennial prefers moist, loamy soil and partial or full shade.

Expect Amore™ Rose to reach about 9 inches to 14 inches high and 14 inches wide. It holds up well even in hot, humid summers, and is hardy through zone 5 in the north. Amore™ Rose is durable and dependable. Give it a place of honor in your landscape this season!