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AMPELOPSIS (Peppervine) Vitaceae A. species

HABITAT: Native to Northeast Asia, Southeast USA. Zone dependent upon species.

USES: Foliage, fruits, ground cover, screen, specimen.

HABIT: Deciduous, climbing, woody plants to 30' with lush, bright green, large, and beautiful leaves. Clusters of small berries are formed in late summer following greenish flowers which change colors from pale lilac to yellow and finally to bright blue and turquoise. Ampelopsis climbs by twisting tendrils. Growth rate: fast. The leaves are usually serrated and heart shaped.

SEED GERMINATION AND CULTURE: Stratify the seed by placing the seed along with some moist grow mix in a plastic bag and placing this in the bottom portion of the refrigerator. Leave it there 3 months and then remove it to sow on the surface of the moistened Park's Grow Mix, covering lightly and germinate at a soil temperature of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. When large enough to handle, transplant to 2 1/4" peat pots; shift to 4" peat pots when roots emerge from pot walls. Grow on in a protected spot until danger of frost is past or until established well enough to set into permanent locations. Set plants in a light, sandy, well-drained loam for best results; however, Ampelopsis will tolerate most soil types. Set in sun or shade; provide a sturdy trellis or other support slender enough for the tendrils to encircle it. Prune severely to thin and to shape (early spring). Feed every other month with a balanced garden fertilizer such as 5-10-10 and keep moderately moist during the growing season.

SPECIES: A. arborea (Peppervine): Zone 7. Dark green, doubly compound, semi-evergreen leaves. Dark purple berries, pea size.
A. brevipendunculata (Porcelain Ampelopsis): Vine. Zone 4. Asia. Clusters in berries of pale lilac to yellow to porcelain blue. Vigorous. Deeply lobed leaves.
A. humulifolia (Hop Ampelopsis). Vine. 12 to 15'. Zone 5. Lustrous, bright green, grape leaf-like foliage. Pale yellow to bluish berries. Shrubby. China.
A. megalophylla (Spokenard Ampelopsis). Vine to 30'. Zone 6. West China. Large compound leaves. 10-26" long.
A. quinquefolia = parthenocissus quinquefolia.
A. tricuspidata = parthenocissus tricuspidata.

INSECTS: Caterpillars: Use an approved insecticide such as Sevin, Thuricide.

DISEASES: Leaf Spot: Spray with Bordeaux mixture, Captan, Fermate. Keep foliage and flowers dry, avoid splashing water. Destroy infected leaves.

PROPAGATION: Soft cuttings (summer), hardwood cuttings (fall), layering, seed.