Storm Cloud Amsonia

Storm Cloud Amsonia

The perfect low-maintenance perennial for the summer garden!

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This native perennial is ready to take your garden by storm! 'Storm Cloud' is a new variety of Amsonia that thrives in northern and southern gardens alike, bringing a mound of colorful blooms in the sweet summertime, and beautiful foliage in the fall!

As the dark (almost black) stems emerge in spring, you may think you have planted asparagus by mistake, but these strong, dark stems will bear beautiful, light blue blooms in late spring that aren't for eating! The star-shaped blooms arise in clusters atop the tall, sturdy stems, making them perfect for cutting for the vase.

This wide, mounded plant is perfect for planting in the place of a shrub for an extra-exciting touch of color and texture! Extremely easy to care for, this heat and humidity tolerant plant will thrive in the hottest summers. Plus, deer won't bother it!