ANACYCLUS (Garden Gnome, Mt. Atlas Daisy) Compositae A. Depressus

HABITAT: Native to Mediterranean Region. Perennial, Zones 6-10.

USES: Ground cover, borders, rock gardens.

HABIT: Prostrate, mat forming plants about 4 inches tall. Finely cut, gray, fern-like leaves provide attractive display after the spring bloom of daisy-like white blooms with petals often tipped crimson.

SEED GERMINATION: Sow indoors 8 to 10 weeks before setting outdoors in early spring while soil is still cool and light frosts may still occur. Sow in cool temperature condition of about 60°F in a container filled with Park's Grow Mix and lightly cover the seed with mix. Keep moist, never allow to dry out. When 4 true leaves develop, transplant to individual 2 1/4 inch peat pots. When ready to plant outdoors, set pots in a protected area to harden plants for 3 days.

CULTURE: Plant in a well drained gritty soil which is alkaline in reaction. Plant in full sun, 8 to 10 inches apart. Provide winter mulch protection.

INSECTS: Aphids: Use Insecticidal Soap, Malathion.

DISEASES: Generally not a problem.

PROPAGATION: Seed and cuttings.