Hadspen Abundance Japanese Anemone

Hadspen Abundance Japanese Anemone

The Star of Your Fall Garden!

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Japanese Anemone is such an ethereal beauty, its showy single blooms swaying at the end of long, wiry stems in the late-summer through fall garden. One of the last perennials to bloom before frost, it is a treasure -- and Hadspen Abundance is, as its name suggests, one of the freest and most generous bloomers in the family!

This semi-evergreen plant offers about a foot of foliage, topped by long, divided, very strong flowering stems. The blooms seem to float in the air, and last well in garden or vase. Expect them to reach 2 to 3 inches wide, with waxy petals of deep pink to mauve, edged in white, around a frilly yellow-and-green center. Gorgeous!

Hadspen Abundance comes to us from the famous Hadspen Gardens in Somerset, England, and grows best in the temperate climate that is most like its home. Very hot summers will melt it out, but it doesn't mind a bit of autumn chill. Give it partial shade or dappled sunlight, and if you notice that the flowers flop a bit, increase the level of sun. Other than that, all this beauty asks is well-drained, fertile garden soil and adequate water!

Expect Hadspen Abundance to reach several feet high (in bloom) and spread nearly 3 feet wide. It is poisonous, which keeps rabbits, deer, and other nibbling creatures away from it. Thus, you can plant it in an open woodland garden or near the edge of your property without fear that it will be eaten!

Enjoy this lovely addition to the shade garden. It's such a pleasure to have a late bloomer that keeps setting bright, fresh color as other perennials are shutting down for winter!