Angelonia Seeds

Discover Angelonia Flowers for Long-Lasting Colors

Bold color for sunny spots never looked so good (or lasted so long!). Angelonia — otherwise known as Summer Snapdragon — sends up tall, sturdy spires of blooms in soft shades of purple, pink and white. The flowers last all summer, despite thunderstorms, wind and punishing heat. Today's more compact varieties, such as Serena and Serenita, are ideal for containers, too! They’re the ideal annual for nonstop vertical color all summer long!

The Serena series is the first time that this flower is available as an angelonia seed. Because the seeds are so small, they have been pelleted. This means each seed is coated with clay so that the seed is larger and more easily handled and grown. The plants will be flowering in about 14 weeks after sowing so starting the seeds indoors will give an earlier blooming of angelonia flowers in the garden or your containers. Each angelonia flower is about ¾ of an inch across, and the flower spike blooms gradually up the stems giving long-lasting flower power. Each plant is about 10 inches wide, so they are the perfect plant for a container on a sunny patio or deck.

Angelonia flowers grow long stems that never need deadheading, The angelonia will send out new flower shoots throughout the summer. Besides the beauty of this plant, the best feature is its tolerance of extreme heat. It just keeps going and, in fact, the angelonia flower will be even taller in the deep south. 

Purchase your angelonia seed as a mix and enjoy the different colors — or, at Park Seed, we can offer the gardener angelonia seed in all white or a deep rose with a dark eye as well as the mixed color seeds! This is an annual that is a must-have in any garden but especially if you live in an area that is prone to drought conditions.