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Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw)

ANIGOZANTHOS (Kangaroo Paw) Haemodoraceae A. flavidus (Amaryllidaceae) Select Yellow

HABITAT: Native to Southwestern Australia. Tender perennial, Zone 10.

USES: Greenhouse and pot plants. Flower beds in frost free climates.

HABIT: Upright (to 4 feet) stems above sword-shaped or linear, re-curving leaves. The downy, tubular blooms with starry mouths appear one sided at the top of the branching spikes. Foliage emanates from extensive branching rhizomes as with Iris and the roots on bottom of rhizomes.

SEED GERMINATION: Seeds can be sown at any season in a bright location or under fluorescent lights. Spread Park's moist grow mix evenly 2 inches deep in a shallow container. For better drainage, combine one part coarse sand with two parts grow mix. Sow seeds in shallow rows and cover very lightly with sand. Bottom water and place in a warm location about 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep evenly moist during germination but not overly wet. When seedlings emerge, give plenty of light and good air circulation. Transplant seedlings to small pots when manageable size. Shift to larger pots as plants grow.

CULTURE: In outdoor locations, set plants at least one foot apart. Anigozanthos needs a sunny, warm, and dry environment. The same mixture, one part coarse sand to two parts grow mix, is ideal for growing the plants to maturity. Keep soil moist by watering freely during the spring/fall growing season and much less water during the winter rest period. Indoors provide minimum night temperatures of 50 degrees Fahrenheit and day temperatures up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit higher..

INSECTS AND DISEASES: Apparently relatively free of both.

PROPAGATION: Division of rhizomes after flowering; seed.